About Pyon

Pyon Anime and Gaming (PAGU) - affectionately nicknamed Pyon - was born from a dream shared by two people of a place where they could go to be close to the things they loved best (anime, gaming, and fandom social spaces). They decided that it was a worthy goal to work towards making that dream a reality and sharing it with others.

Pyon officially came into existence on the 1st of May 2009.

The logo characters were created on the 5th of May 2009. Chara is a mysterious girl who never says anything and the baby shadow dragon is known simply as The PAGU Dragon. Their identities were based on popular archetypes in anime and gaming.

The Pyon website, web banners, logo, and website graphics were created by J. Tay.

The pronunciation of "Pyon" is "piyo-on" not "pie-on." Yes, some people have mistaken it before!

Pyon started operating on the 6th of August 2009.

Hello from the Pyon Office!
Hello from the Pyon Office!